Artist in Residence, Sidney Cooper Gallery

Artist in Residence, Sidney Cooper Gallery

This week the RCA Fulldome Research Group were excited to begin their residency at the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury. The residency will run for four weeks throughout August and in conjunction with the Catching the Light exhibition, which explores artist’s fascination with light, and also features work by FDRG member Michaela French. During the gallery opening hours FDRG members will work in the studios at the back of Sidney Cooper Gallery, usually the painting studios for students at Canterbury Christchurch University during term time. Throughout the four weeks the space will allow the group to develop new work, run workshops and also host the FDRG’s newest addition – a four metre inflatable dome, which will be used for reviewing fulldome work-in-progress and hosting daily screenings to the public.


The residency opened with an exhibition of previous work. All the Fulldome Research Group films from the past year were screened in the inflatable dome throughout the opening night to enthusiastic audiences. Anna Dakin exhibited her Sound Belt – a participatory piece encouraging users to listen to the rhythm of their walking – which inspired the content of her fulldome film, RhyThm Walk, a minimal series of flashing lights relating to patterns of movement.


Visions of Paradise by Alice Kilkenny became a surreal installation, with images from the film emerging from silver streamer curtains above a carpet of artificial grass. ctl_fdrg_blog_004

Stills from Lucent Matter by Sylvana Lautier, Rose Leahy and Kim Yip Tong were installed in a planetary formation, visually echoing scenes within the film. ctl_fdrg_blog_006

Sonar and Apeiron by Kelly Spanou were exhibited as large scale prints whilst Michaela French showed a series of small stills from her film The Light of Home and also Secular Cosmologies, made in collaboration with Dr Adrian Lahoud and FDRG member Robert Walker.ctl_fdrg_blog_003ctl_fdrg_blog_007

Rose Leahy’s site specific installation Moonrise combines simple projections and with the convex surface of a three dimensional sphere. ctl_fdrg_blog_005We look forward to seeing what new work emerges in the coming weeks and welcome visitors throughout the residency! Gallery opening hours are 10:30am – 5pm Monday – Friday, 11:30am – 5pm Saturdays, with Fulldome screenings at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm everyday.