BAP Conference 2015

BAP Conference 2015

The FDRG was excited to present a showcase of recent work at the British Association of Planetaria Conference 2015 at the Winchester Science Centre on Saturday 25th September. We screened a new five minute showreel of the work we have produced over the last nine months, as well as Kelly Spanou’s award winning film Aneipo. Our work and the FDRG as a whole were very well received, initiating productive discussions and very encouraging feedback.

We were also invited to co-present a workshop discussing the creation of fulldome content with our colleagues Ed Bloomer and Tom Kerss from the Peter Harrison Planetarium, Greenwich. This was a opportunity to talk in some depth about the different creative, critical and technical approaches the FDRG uses in producing content. The FDRG visual style and lateral interpretations of scientific concepts moves away from the traditional realism and scientific visualisations that are normally presented within planetaria. Presenting our alternative design centred approach revealed a clear interest in expanding the visual language of the dome environment.

The BAP Conference took place in the Science Centre’s twenty-three metre dome and included screenings of a number of commercial fulldome films, the premiere of NSC’s new film We Are Stars was a definite highlight. The conference led to a number of conversations about potential new collaborations for the FDRG.

On a personal note, spending two days fully immersed in the dome, confirmed my excitement and passion for the fulldome space and it was a pleasure to meet and speak with so many other fulldome enthusiasts.


The Astronomer Royal of Scotland and Honorary President of the British Association of Planetaria, Prof. John C Brown delivers his keynote speech.