Circus of Anxiety wins at Jena Fulldome Festival

Circus of Anxiety wins at Jena Fulldome Festival

Emily Briselden-Waters’ short film Circus of Anxiety has been awarded the Janus Student Award at the 11th Jena FullDome Festival at the Zeiss Planetarium in Germany.

The title of film derives from the historical practice in which male doctors forced female patients displaying symptoms of hysteria to perform for an audience. First hand research has been collected by interviewing medical professionals, mental health activists, and women who suffer from severe anxiety.

Emily uses the immersive space of fulldome to communicate the intense feeling of this experience through experimental moving-image and evocative sound design. The soundtrack combines interview fragments and music composed by Royal College of Music student Lisa J Burgess, with a surround sound mix by Mike Wyeld. The black and white colour palette and the grainy materiality of the work reference early observational psychological films, but in Circus of Anxiety, Emily places the viewer to the centre at the centre of the experience.

Congratulations to Emily on her success and for producing a beautiful and provocative film.

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