Developing a Language for Fulldome

Developing a Language for Fulldome

Dome space is beautiful. Immersive, encompassing, expansive and under-explored. A place where the language of cinema encounters the spherical and the conventions of linear time-based media move beyond the confines of the rectangle frame. Dome space is an opportunity. It is the analogous zone between disciplines; an environment in which the established conventions of cinema, perception and sensory experience can be merged, moulded, stretched and expanded into new creative forms. Fulldome projection space provides the possibility of developing an expanding visual, spatial and communicative language which begins with individual experience and extends to immersion in the infinite.


FDRG developed from a desire to understand, explore and contribute to the emerging language of fulldome projection. Through experimentation, creative practice, testing of ideas and critical review we are beginning to build a knowledge base. We understand the value of peripheral vision and use the space behind the audience to pre-empt on-screen action. We know time speeds up as scale increases, so our on screen animations are designed with deliberate slowness. We know that a soft gradient moving against a hard edge with strong contrast will create the illusion of solid matter and infinite space. We know that constant spiralling motion with no point of reference will cause your body to unconsciously twist follow the movement. We know that travelling sound can make you head spin.

Our portable mini-dome and our relationship with the Peter Harrison Planetarium allow ongoing investigation, invention and development of new techniques, approaches and creative outcomes. FDRG projects and research will be regularly documented on this website.

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