FDRG at Jena Fulldome Festival 2016

FDRG at Jena Fulldome Festival 2016

Five FDRG members will attend the Jena Fulldome Festival this weekend. Eight of our shorts films have been accepted to screen in the Student Competition this year. The films are the culmination of six months of dedicated hard work from the FDRG students. We are delighted Anna Dakin, Rose Leahy, Rob Walker, Sylvana Lautier and Kim Yip Tong are able to represent RCA IED and FDRG at the Festival this year, which promises exciting and inspiring fulldome screenings and events across the weekend. And congratulations to Rob Walker, whose film Hyperspace 2 was chosen as the featured image on the front of the Festival Program this year.

Visions-of-ParadiseVisions of Paradise by Alice Kilkenny is inspired by Dante’s Paradiso, this vision of a ‘technological sublime’ shows the type of transcendental, transformative experience that could be possible at the frontiers of science.

sonarSonar by Kelly Spanou transforms the spherical space of the dome into an amorphous landscape with undefined boundaries and endless depth.

RhyThm_WalkRhyThm Walk by Anna Dakin is inspired by the experience of deep thought induced by long distance walks. The human body in motion creates a rhythm; which is embedded in the human subconscious and encourages a contemplative state.

 light-of-home The Light of Home by Michaela French combines layered imagery of imagined worlds with durational daylight observations and multi­channel surround sound to explore the emotional relationships between light, memory and place.

lucent-matterLucent Matter by Kim Yip Tong, Sylvana Lautier and Rose Leahy follows the life cycle of a star and captures the feeling of wonder and awe that science theory and the night sky can inspire.

Hyperspace-2 Hyperspace 2 by Robert Walker uses IPv4 data as the source of this point cloud visualisation.

disorder Disorder by Perry-James Sugden explores a ‘4x4’ grid of objects controlled by the patterns and routes they take through space and time.

Artificial-Day-Rhythm Artificial Day Rhythm by Daria Jelonek uses a single 3D object to reflect the many different light environments occurring within a day to visualise the influence of different light situations on human rhythms.