Light, Time and Einstein

Light, Time and Einstein

The Fulldome Research Group developed out of a collaborative project between the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art and the Peter Harrison Planetarium in Greenwich. The project, Relativity in the Round took place in November – December 2014. Students were invited to explore the creative design possibilities of the immersive fulldome projection space, whilst communicating complex scientific concepts around the theme light, time and Einstein.

Michaela French ran a series of workshops which introduced the process of creating content for fulldome spaces. We borrowed a hemispherical projector from Ed Bloomer and Tom Kerss at the planetarium and constructed a small portable dome for test screenings and project development.

The students engaged in the challenge of creating work for the fulldome environment and aimed to produce outcomes which would bridge the gap between traditional science-focused planetarium audiences and more visually literate art audiences. The completed fulldome projects were screened at the Peter Harrison Planetarium in January 2015.


Lorenzo Pradelli & Feng Peirelativity_03

Michaela Frenchrelativity_05

Tom Howeyrelativity_06

Yu-Hsuan Hsiao Work in Progress by Yu-Hsuan Hsiao

Kelly Spanou & Alex Lang relativity_07

Yasmeen Sabrirelativity_04